Spliting Time

Before I ever thought about watches, I wanted a stopwatch!

I tried my hand at swimming competatively as a child and that hallowed silver object with its white dial and its accusatory hands would make or break me every time it was used.
On race days it was amazing to see someone standing at the end of every swimmer’s lane, stopwatch in hand, ready to clock their time and declare their place. Stop watches were everywhere!

We used to borrow one of those precious instruments from a friend for training and its utility and precision was something I admired. I was always sad to give it back each time.
It turned out swimming was not my thing and I forgot my love of mechantical stopwatches until now.

I often need to time things in my work and growing tired of using my phone those childhood memories sent me looking for one of those old stopwatches and I finally found this vintage Rotary split timer.

My stopwatch now sits on my desk at work ready to grab when it’s needed and reminds me of childhod race days and that precious instrument I never thought I’d own.

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