Diving With Yema

A diver’s watch was once that life preserving instrument that made sure we did not spend too long underwater and risk a life threatening diving injury on our return to the surface.

Big names in watches like Blancpain, Rolex and Seiko led the way from the early 1950’s creating reliable ‘tool’ watches that divers could rely on with their lives. From the mid 1980’s the first dive computers started appearing on diver’s wrists or in their instrument consoles. Today it is rare to see a diver wearing a simple dive ‘tool’ watch. Even rarer for that watch to be completely mechanical and powered by a wind up main-spring just like those watches from the 1950’s.

Today I take my Yema diving with me for the nostalgic buzz of having that tiny mechanical heart ticking away the time of the world above.

And yes, I dive with computers as well. Two just to be safe!

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