Exploring Sunset

At first it seems that the Torrens Island Power station dominates this industrial sunset but the more I look the more I see and am drawn into exploring this visual feast.

The story begins right at the centre of that striking western sunset and its reflection in the waters of the North Arm Creek and the Ship’s Graveyard.

After dwelling for a while in this golden light, the Garden Island bridge leads me north on to Torrens Island and that dominating Power Station. Behind and to the west the Port River continues north to the lights of the Adelaide Submarine Corporation and then on out to the sea beyond.

Now heading south, sandwiched between the Port River and the horizon with ships at sea, I follow the pointed Norfolk Island Pine treeline of the Osborne Peninsula down to Semaphore when I’m again drawn back east to the lights of industry, Adelaide Brighton Cement, the ARFA and BP fuel depots and the fertiliser suppliers Natrio, Wegfu and Incitec.

For a time I find myself lingering in the shadows of the foreground, trying to eke out any detail of the Adelaide Speed Boat club or in the green expanse of Garden Island.

The story comes to an end: I’m swept back down the North Arm again, over the treetops, out to sea and into that gorgeous sunset again. Or has it? I’ll go back and read it again as I’m sure I missed something.

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