A World of Her Own

It’s been more than six months since I have been submerged. So many reasons, priorities and excuses, but finally the surface tension’s been broken an I’ve slipped under the waves again.

Despite years and years of diving I still experience a little trepidation when I’ve been dry a little too long and am about to get back into the water again. The moment I drop below the surface and take my first breath underwater that apprehension vanishes and I feel like I’ve been welcomes back again.

It feels like meeting old friends again, the leatherjackets, sweep, silver dummer and old wives. On this dive we had a rare daytime buzz by a large wobbygong shark who cruised nonchalantly past within inches.

One of my favourite Port Noarlunga critters when they are around are juvenile Port Jackson Sharks. It was a great delight to come across this little critter resting on the sand taking in the salty world around her and reminding me how privileged it is to join her down here.

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