It might look like the Gotham City fictional superhero’s ride but rest assured this stealthy piece of French hardware would have the batmobile for dinner and spit out the bones.

The Ligier JS P320 is a Le Mans Prototype class (LM) racing car that – believe it or not – is pitched at ‘entry level’ drivers! Clearly we are not talking graduates from the local driving instructor. Anyone even thinking about getting into the cockpit of this bombshell is already in a completely different league to the average road car driver.

Despite having only 460 brake horsepower from a Nissan 5.6 litre V8, there are people on my street who claim to have more grunt under their own bonnets, it’s how you use those horses that counts.

I’d rather this French beauty than the local street muscle any day but sadly there’s no chance for a ride here as it’s a single seater.

For now I’m just happy to watch!

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