Pyrenees Pies

A few weeks back while exploring the Victorian Pyrenees we stumbled upon what is probably one of Country Victoria’s best kept secrets.

Looking for a bit of lunch we found ourselves in the sleepy town of Avoca. A bakery was our wish and boy did we find a bakery we will never forget. We knew we were somewhere special when we walked in the door and started reading the pies on offer.

Crocodile in Malaysian satay, camel in honey soy, venison in black bean, Moroccan kangaroo, barbecue emu, buffalo in napolitana, seafood marinara, scallop in lemon and salmon with lemon and potato were just the start!

I settled for the kangaroo, Jennifer went for the cauliflower cheese and both of us agreed these were some of the most amazing pies we have ever had. Clearly we were not alone in our culinary admiration as half the town flocked in behind us for their lunchtime break.

We have to come back to try the rest. And soon!

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