Day 577, Adelaide In The Spotlight

I have been waiting to capture this image of Adelaide for some time now.

I had already planned my vantage point, I simply had to wait for those few days where the sun would set at the perfect angle to reflect directly off the Westpac Building to where I would be standing. For any given vantage point which could get such a reflection there will only be two periods per year of a few days where the sun will set in just the right place to observe it. These few days at this location were it for me.

To plan this image I used the help of the Photographers Ephemeris and Google Maps. I simply mapped a line from my vantage point on to the western face of the building and traced it’s reflected path as a line out to the west-northwest. I then cycled through the days of the year until the the Photographers Ephemeris showed a matching line a few degrees above sunset.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Day 577, Adelaide In The Spotlight’ 1/160 f/8.0 ISO320 200mm

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