Day 698, Symbolic Sponge

This amazing sponge has been a deep water landmark for me since the first time I cam across it more than 4 years ago.

We really do get some big sponges here in South Australia and have some incredible sponge gardens which leave anything tropical in their salty wake.

What we have is cold to temperate nutrient rich water, strong tidal currents and with some of the very deep water through Backstairs Passage we have diving here to rival anywhere for richness, colour, diversity and most importantly uniqueness.

This almost regal specimen is nearly a meter tall and even though it’s not far (swimming distance) from Adelaide’s most popular recreational dive site my guess it that not many will have ventured deep enough and far enough to find it.

I’m completely in the dark about sponges so perhaps it’s about time I learned.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Day 698, Symbolic Sponge’, 1/200 f/10 ISO320 15mm

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