Day 970 Low Tide II

I have been listening to articles and reading accounts of photographers who have described being in the creative doldrums.

Some were just going through the motions, others were questioning their recent work and wondering if they weren’t just producing pretty stuff that people liked. A close friend of mine even wondered if they had been deluding themselves all along.

This all got me thinking and having only just come out of rut myself I wondered, what is it that I really love able creating images?

I love being there behind the camera and choosing the moment, choosing the scene and and committing my vision in that click of the shutter.

I love the way I see the world differently when I am holding my camera and looking for the beauty, the geometry and the stories unfolding all around me.

I love the way all the other stresses of life evaporate when I am in that special place of being really able to see.

This image is a case in point. With 4 minute exposures there was no rush to compose, plenty of time to see and space to look around visualizing my next image.

So for me it is about the moment I commit my vision to the camera. The rest is the necessary work needed or I’d never be able to share what I see.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Day 970 Low Tide II’, 241s f/11 ISO100 15mm

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