Day 394, Betelgeuse

If you thought this image was about architecture you have been misled. Intentionally so.

So did the title give a clue? This is an image of one of the most extraordinary objects in our galaxy. A star as big as half of our solar system, a dying star in its death throws and on the brink of exploding in one of the most remarkable events of the universe.

We have not seen a supernova in our Milky Way galaxy for over 400 years. Statistics seem to suggest we should observe one every 100 years so we are long overdue and Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion could explode at any moment. It could already have happened and we are just waiting the 640 years the light will take to reach us.

So which one is it? The red one of course!

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Day 394, Betelgeuse’ 13s f/7.1 ISO800 15mm

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