Look at the Moon

Spending the evening down at Glenelg tonight with my family I casually suggested we go for a walk down to the jetty after dinner.

What followed was really to be expected with the beautiful sights of yet another stunning sunset.

I lingered for a while after the sun had long gone, entranced by the myriad forms of silhouette people traversing the jetty when I looked up, …wow!

I really wished I had a tripod to capture the detail of this stunning crescent moon but unencumbered without ‘the gear’ I think I enjoyed the moment even more.

Then it started, first one or two voices in exclamation and then like ripples radiating away in all directions people were looking up and saying ‘wow, look at the moon’

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Look at the Moon’, 1/40s f/4 ISO160 200mm

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