Fishing For Shadows

Sultana Point Lodge where we stay in Edithburgh has a long history from the early 1900s as a holiday boarding house to more recently being a beautifully renovated and cosy retreat for divers and non divers who just like get away for a while.

While relaxing one evening with cameras at hand my friend Gavin decided to photograph one of the living space decorations and when I chose to capture the very same image I was flatly told that I was not to post my image until he did.

So Gavin has now posted his version on his site, ‘What’s My Seen?’, and here is mine.

I love how two photographers standing in the same spot with the same gear in the same light will capture two different images.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Fishing For Shadows’, 10s f/22 ISO160 210mm

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