Guten Tag

I have been actively avoiding black and white street photography because I feel the genre is somewhat overdone and images I see are often clichéd.

Street images are often full of colour and the idea of giving up all that beautiful colour for the sake of a style or an expectation of style seems a little contrarian.

Regardless, every now and then I like to try something in black and white. Not because ‘it works better in B&W’, an expression which makes me cringe whenever I hear it, but because I love the tones and textures and that caught my attention.

Perhaps the two ideas amount to the same thing in choosing to go B&W but for me I need to know why I have made this choice as much as liking the feel of it.

The Haubis Backstube on Landstraße in Linz caught my eye, or perhaps it was my nose, as we strolled passed. The man behind the counter caught my gaze and a moment later we were gone.

It’s nice to re-live this ever so brief moment and those black and white textures and tone help me to remember why I captured it.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Guten Tag’, 1/250s f/4 ISO800 17mm

2 thoughts on “Guten Tag

  1. You were gone a moment later?!! How could you not have bought something? If ever they were to make a movie about me called “Fatal Attraction”, the other role would be played by a bakery.

    Oh, hang on… you didn’t say you *didn’t* buy something… the way I read (or you wrote) it I got the impression it was a very brief passing encounter, rather than an interlude. But maybe you were just trying to impress your dietitian.

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