The Long Tow Home

From a cold Austrian winter to balmy Australian evenings the difference between these two worlds could not be more different despite only an ‘al’ in name.

The place is Port Parham, a ramshackle collection of holiday shacks on the Gulf of Saint Vincent in South Australia and the the holiday destination of my childhood.

When the tide goes out here it goes a long, long, long way out. When the tide comes in you can have fun jogging back to the shoreline with the incoming tide lapping at your heals.

As a child I thought these beach tractors were the coolest vehicles on the planet. If you were lucky enough to get a ride on one you could see for miles and miles and even better was that they would drive out into the water when they finally got to it.

The owner of this boat had waited patiently for some time before his ride came to tow him home. Not that anyone would mind waiting on a balmy summer evening with a sky like that.

This evening was a nostalgic moment for me seeing Port Parham the way I always remembered it.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘The Long Tow Home’, 1/5s f/11 ISO320 15mm

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