Enchanted Forest

This forest is like non other. It’s enchanted.

Take a stroll though any old forest anywhere else and the birds fly out of reach, the rodents hide out of sight while the larger animals just run away.

Take a swim through this forest though and it’s like animal wonderland. Fish fly like birds and butterflies around the trunks from ground to canopy.

Larger fish cruise through the scene at eye level keeping no more than an arms length out of reach.

Still larger animals like sharks and rays wander through occasionally, wary but making no attempt to hide as they go about their business.

Every touchable surface from bottom to sky is teaming with animal life such as sponges, crabs, sea stars, ascidians and invertebrates.

This enchanted place under the old Rapid Bay Jetty is my kind of forest.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Enchanted Forest’ 1/125 f/9 ISO640 15mm

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