Rising Star

Back in the water, it’s dropped to a chilly 15 degrees and will be heading further down from there through winter and into spring.

Despite the cold it is good to be diving again after too long on dry land and it was great to see all the usual undersea suspects again including this red sea star, Pentagonaster dubeni, on its way up this pylon to bigger and better things no doubt. A real rising star!

Rapid Bay is one of those special places that we are so fortunate to have so close to home. Sometimes I take for granted just how easy it is to drive, park and dive and grumble about how heavy my weight belt is for the short walk from car to water. Underwater though I feel nothing but privileged and gratitude to share a place human are just not supposed to be. At least not for very long anyway.

My dives will be a little shorter than usual with the cold water and my old wetsuit but the cold wont keep me away. Perhaps next dive I’ll find just how far that sea star got.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Rising Star’, 1/125s f/10 ISO800 15mm

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