Some moments are beyond words, beyond description.

In this moment the ocean’s murky gloom fell away as mother brought her newborn calf out of the deep water towards the light and the life-giving air above.

In this moment I forgot I was hanging in a vast ocean far away from my everyday life. All that mattered here and now were these two beautiful creatures.

We watched her guide baby to the surface, gently nudging this way and that way and then down into the deep water again.

It’s not unusual to see a creature care for its young but the way she brought baby into our view, the way she caressed it just like a proud parent and then the way she took baby away to the safety of the deep water again, to me this was not instinct but pride and intellect and love.

This was one of those moments.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Love’ 1/250s f/8 ISO320 15mm

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