Sneaking Up From Behind

When the sunset plays the game of pretending to be over it pays to stay a while, to look up, to look around and to look behind.

Sneaking up from behind, the clouds, now struck with the sun’s golden receding light, have become a new source to colour the world before twilight takes hold.

I wonder how many people missed it, the sun a while gone, giving attention back to evening meals, books or to a different kind glow from their coveted devices.

When it comes to sunsets and twilight it pays to stay a while and look around lest you miss something special.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Sneaking Up From Behind’, 1/2s f/14 ISO160 15mm

One thought on “Sneaking Up From Behind

  1. last night (tuesday) was so gorgeous. wispy pink, venus and crescent moon and if you wait and look carefully a fading mars close by 🙂

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