Simon’s Gift

My good friend Simon likes coffee. I just did not realize how much he likes his coffee until last weekend when we visited him and his wife Emma in Canberra.

“Would you like a coffee?” he offered as we were welcomed in. What a great way to kick off the afternoon I thought as he led us to his little barista grotto.

There before me was a sight that just might make coffee lovers think they have died and gone to heaven.

The fully manual machine equipped with a myriad of gauges, controls and readouts was spotless and gleaming.

The calibrated grinder took pride of place along side.

Neatly laid out were tampers, handles and filter baskets for perfect extraction along with a diverse set of barista accessories.

The best equipment in the world does not count for much if you can’t get the best from it. The proof would be in this pouring.

All my apprehension was swept away with my first sip of the wonderfully aromatic short black I was given.

Thank you Simon for this culinary gift. Without a doubt this was the best shot of coffee I have ever had.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Simon’s Gift’, 1/60s f/2.8 ISO1000 200mm

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