Scottish Gold

There was a great sense of expectation as we entered the hallowed vault in Edinburgh’s Scotch Whisky Experience.

There, bathed in the glowing gold of its own making were 3384 unique bottles of Scotland’s most renowned export, scotch whisky.

This collection was once the 35 year passion of Brazilian collector, Claive Vidiz. Purchased by global liquor giant Diageo for an undisclosed sum, this collection is now permanently on loan for public viewing here in Edinburgh.

The scotch whisky success story is quite a tale and well worth spending some time to learn if you are curious. I tip my imaginary hat to an industry where the story goes that the Irish brought whiskey making to the Scottish and they never got the joke!

Yes, I slipped that ‘e’ into whiskey on purpose. It’s my little tribute to the unsung origins of whiskey in Scotland.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Scottish Gold’, 1/40s f/5.6 ISO640 105mm

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