Blue Sky Banking

What a lovely way to herald in a new year than to escape to one of my all time favorite places (within a few hours drive) and be reminded why I fell in love with the little seaside town of Edithburgh more than 30 years ago.

On this occasion we only stayed two nights but in that time I spent nearly seven hours underwater, stayed up late under the incredible starry dark sky to photograph the Orion Nebula, enjoyed the company of long time friends and got to walk bare foot on the foreshore photographing birds and dogs and avoiding getting my feet sliced by mussels and razor shells.

It was beach side, blue sky, salty aired relaxing at its best.

Edithburgh, … we had forgotten how much we’ve missed you and have resolved to come back more often.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Blue Sky Banking’ 1/1600 f/6.3 ISO100 600mm

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