Crested Weedfish

There is no such thing as being lucky, Luck is everywhere, you just need to persist at something long enough and what to you may seem lucky was simply inevitable all along.

This weekend was our second trip to Edithburgh for the year. The weather was perfect creating the opportunity for a number of dives including a night dive. Despite some periods of poor visibility during tidal changes the diving was sensational with the marine life being as prolific as I can remember.

It was on my night dive that I came upon this tiny little crested weedfish, no more than 3cm in length and my very first in over twenty five years of diving here. I simply could not believe my luck as I watched it vi for the best position a top a clump of kelp for the passing plankton. It was quite enthusiastic in its foraging endeavors and seemingly quite oblivious to my presence.

I watched for a while, captured some images and then bid the little guy farewell. After that I really did not care if I did not see any other interesting critters for the rest of the dive or even the trip. I was content with my little bit of crested weedfish luck this time round.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Crested Weedfish’, 1/160s f/18 ISO320 100mm

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