Angry Bird

Call it a toy or call it a tool this angry bird has proven it can be both at the same time.

As a photographic tool it has made possible images I could achieve no other way. I have captured images taken at eye level as if on a tripod, perhaps over water or leaning out from a cliff a little more than seemed possible.

This angry bird has made me think about composition and perspective afresh. It has allowed me to explore views of ordinary things from above making them feel strange and surreal. It has given me the opportunity and pleasure to explore familiar places with fresh eyes.

And yes it’s been a ton of aerial fun finally fulfilling an unrequited childhood dream of owning and flying a model aircraft.

With plenty of places a short drive from the city to go fly just for the shear joy of it this angry bird gets to capture interesting and unique perspectives while I get to have a fun. An awesome combination.

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