The All of It

Expansive vistas are hard. Looking out over a landscape that takes your breath away and trying to articulate to someone else why is the realm of poets. It’s not easily expressed.

It’s easy to see why you say; “just look at it, out there, at all of it!’ And that’s it right there, the ‘all of it’. That’s a tall order to share with someone not standing beside you.

Sometimes, in amongst the ‘all of it’, there’s an idea, a theme, a novelty that draws me in. A simple geometry, a minimalist interpretation, a rendered narrative, or an expanse of negative space might be just the thing that inspires me to share.

The sun descending in the west, a landscape in silhouette, and a hint of the ocean beyond an industrial vista is only a tiny part of ‘all of it’ but tonight it took my breath away.

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