Talk On Corners

The first public performance for any new band can be a nerve wrenching experience, or so I have been told, and told and told again during the lead up to last Sunday’s gig at Littlewood Agapanthus Farm.

Even for my amazingly talented wife, being her debut as lead singer, it took ‘anxious’ to a new level.

All those nerves however evaporated in an instant when these six accomplished musicians launched into the first song of their set and confidently introduced ‘Talk On Corners’ to us all.

For a solid 75 minutes they rocked and sang and entertained us. They got us tapping, they got us singing along and they might have even got some dancing, a fact I can neither confirm or deny.

Congratulations Sara Sizer, Nick Carroll, Jennifer Liston, Peter Franche, Christine Morphett and Robbie Lennox on an awesome debut performance.

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