Blue Eyed Monster

A thing of childhood nightmares lies before me, mouth agape. Like the edge of a precipice I am drawn inexorably towards that perilous abyss beyond. Every fibre of my being screams ‘don’t’ while body inches forward regardless.

After all this Doughboy Scallop is only a few centimetres across and I want a really good close up shot!

Scallop’s are actually quite interesting critters in more ways than just a favourite menu choice. You’d never find one of these on your plate though as the Doughboy Scallop forsakes a mobile life on the sea floor and settles instead for a permanent niche amid the sponges and other benthic life. Once a permanent home is found this guy will never move again unless his home is wrenched away by storm or other trauma.

As for those amazing blue eyes. They are a marvel and what always draws me inexorably towards another image!

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