Patient Little Cowfish

More often than not when you want to capture an image of some particular critter they have other ideas. That’s how it usually is with Shaw’s Cowfish, (Arcana aurita).

I have countless images of cowfish where as get my camera into position they turn adding yet more backsides to my collection.

I was expecting things to go the same way again on my last Rapid Bay night dive. Just to rub it in this little guy joined me almost as soon as I got in the water.

I tried an initial few shots and was immediately rewarded with more backsides. At that early snub I lost patience and proceeded on my dive to the jetty’s T-section. Several times this little guy kept swimming in front of me and I refused to make even an attempt! On I went.

On reaching the T-section I turned on my red lights, started hunting for photo opportunities and discovered I’d been followed all the way to the end. This time the little cowfish was happy to swim in circles in front of my camera and I finally captured that cute little face.

I am glad she had more patience than I did.

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