Aldinga Drop-off

By all accounts it was one amazing day out on the ocean. Our first real day of summer and sea conditions that were nothing short of perfect.

Our plan had always been to venture South to the incredible Aldinga Reef system and dive that infamous drop-off if conditions permitted. Not only did the conditions permit, they invited!

Dive shots with 15m visibility to come later but I had to share this image of our tiny section of drop-off.

To give a sense of scale here the yellow green kelp is at 5 meters, the dark blue-green shadowy band behind us is around 12 meters deep while the pale white sand lies around 17 meters. The drop-off is not deep by many standards but perfect to create an immensely grand sense of scale underwater.

Every South Australian diver would be very aware of Aldinga Drop-off’s ‘infamous reputation’ so I will not go into the details but for my land locked friends this site has had two high profile Great White Shark attacks. One attack resulting sadly in a death and the other one very fortunate survivor.

I love this place and will be back soon, I just need to put in my order for these amazing conditions again.

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