Planet Kelp

The planet ‘Kelp’ is hidden to the sight of most as it hides just under the waves that kick up on Aldinga Reef. Divers know it but often overlook it’s beauty seeking instead the grandeur of the nearby ‘Drop-off’ down to the sand below.

I have always loved this part of the Aldinga Reef system with its torturous maze of ledges, swim-throughs, holes and tunnels. The limestone structures provide refuge for fish nurseries as well as habitat for critters that need the cover of cracks and kelp.

You can linger here protected, exploring all those nooks and crannies, even as the fierce gulf current picks up making the outer reef challenging. The shallow water makes it possible to spend a long time before needing to return to the ‘dry’.

Planet Kelp’s crowning glory though is that amazing canopy of yellow-green kelp. It’s just gorgeous making this place come alive with movement and colour.

Can’t wait to visit again soon.

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