Trevally Alley

Back in Autumn before the winter rains settled in and the sun was still shining, Andy and I took the boat down to dive the beautiful but infamous Aldinga Reef.

It was one of those special flat calm days when the universe seems to just say, enjoy. Schools of trevally followed us around the drop-off. Blue-throat wrasse abounded amongst the deep ledges. The diversity of fish variety was incredible and we just had the best day out on the ocean.

Months on now, in the midst of what seems to be the dreariest Adelaide winter I can remember in ages, I find myself hankering for a few days of slight seas and sunshine coinciding with a weekend. Adelaide gets periods of beautiful sunny, calm and cold winter days so I will just have to be patient.

Hopefully the passing of the solstice will herald some good weather again and get me back out into the ocean.

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