Emotional Diver

Here, several kilometres off the coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula lies the wreck of the ex-HMAS Hobart. It is a treasured gift to divers local and from elsewhere alike. She’s not that old but has made this spot hers as if she had always been here.

The Hobart “is big, really big. You just won’t believe how vastly hugely mind-bogglingly big it is”, well perhaps I am exaggerating a little but could not help drop a favourite quote from a favourite book. With bigness, with expanses of endless blue, bottomless drop-offs, or massive vessels at rests end comes a deep and profound emotional connection with the surrounding space.

For many divers, this experience comes sooner or later as the aquatic world changes from novelty to respect and finally a deeply humbling sense of privilege and gratitude. A dive on the wreck of the ex-HMAS Hobart gives an inkling. Year’s of diving grows this into something beautiful until one day you find yourself 25 meters down, in the murky low light of the vessel’s midships and simply know what being happy in the moment is really like.

I can’t speak for Jess or Andy above me but in this moment I could not have been happier.

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