Twilight on the Barker Inlet Wetlands

With over 300 hectares of fresh water ponds, the Barker Inlet Wetlands is one of the largest wetland constructions in Australia and I drive right through the middle of them nearly every day.

Being at road level most of my fellow commuters have no idea of the beauty around them. They see asphalt, concrete, trucks, bridges and cars. Some pull over and take the time to visit the various walks and bird hides scattered along the way but they are not so obvious. No one pulls over to explore when they are in the autopilot daze of habitual work life.

My pelican’s eye view paints a different, bigger picture. I get to see the scale of these watery gardens. I notice the way the expressway cuts off suburban crawl almost right up to the coast. I see the opportunities to explore at ground level normally hidden form view.

I am fortunate to enjoy the Barker Inlet Wetlands being part of my daily travel.

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