Painted City

There is time between sunset and nightfall where the light of day ebbs and darkness flows in from the eastern sky. The lights of the city begin popping into existence as people go about their last outside work for the day.

This transition is known as civil twilight and used to be the final opportunity for outdoor workers to complete their business in the failing light. Although this idea is somewhat meaningless today in our world filled with artificial light, it is still evident in the chorus of suburban lawnmowers that fire up at sunset on a Sunday night before the weekend’s light is gone.

From my vantage point the city has become dotted with light. I can see all of it – for a while at least. I see the homes, the beaches, the parks, the waterways, and the roads framed by Adelaide’s hilly backdrop, all painted in lights of white and yellow…

…at least until the end of civil twilight, when the day that was has fled west.

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