Life’s a Beach

I love night photography, its challenges and the reward of capturing the feel of urban lighting.

With the iconic Glenelg Town Hall clock tower, beachfront Friday nightlife and the ferris wheel in full motion the scene was set for a great photo opportunity. Set up the tripod, plan a set of HDR exposures and capture some images. What could be easier?

Last night was an extraordinary night with the temperature around 30 degrees all night so I suggested to the family we head out for an evening on the water and maybe I’d bring my camera along just in case.

Here a half a kilometre off Glenelg beach rocking about in a little boat there was no stable platform for a tripod and no opportunity for a set of HDR exposures but the view was so lovely I needed to at least try. This single hand held (in a rocking boat) shot at 1/80s was the best I could do.

Regardless it was a fun evening with my family so a bit of photography was simply a bonus.

One thought on “Life’s a Beach

  1. Nice shot from a boat. I like to take night shots from the Swan River, Perth. Lot of options.

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