Northern Terminus

I captured this image on my way home yesterday during the last minutes of civil twilight where the lingering colours of sunset blend with the emerging lights of Adelaide’s north-western suburbs.

Here, the northern terminus of South Road ends in a spectacular set of loops feeding the Salisbury Highway to the east, the Port River Expressway to the west, and the Northern Expressway in the direction you might have already guessed.

Like riding some fantastic Scalextric set I find myself regularly enjoying those sweeping curves at speed (under the limit of course) and enjoying the surrounding landscape.

I really like the integration into the Gilman, Wingfield and Magazine Creek wetlands. I wonder though if the effort to restore those natural resources would have taken place if not for a major infrastructure project bringing them them to attention.

Yet again I am so fortunate to make more of my daily commute than just another drive home from the office.

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