Below Lamb Island

The diving out of Cahersiveen and Portmagee this last weekend was simply amazing. I’m blessed to have this kind of diving on my door step and to be diving with the Inbhear Sceine Kerry SAC crew who live and breathe (via regulator obviously) this beautiful region of Irish coast.

At a depth of around 25 meters my dive buddy Richie is revelling in the 20+ meter visibility, the perfect conditions for wide angle underwater photography. The visibility was so good, and the terrain so spectacular, I often found myself just floating out in mid water taking in the view.

My introduction to Irish diving has been wonderful with perfect conditions 6 out of the last 7 weekends and with the water finally getting warmer it can only get better.

Finally, apologies for the un-imaginative title but it’s one of a two part theme to be completed later.

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