Watching Waiting Wondering

All divers who venture into the world of macro photography have a story or two about the giant bull ray or the swimming elephant that swam on up, peered over their shoulder, wondered for moment what ever could be that small and still be interesting before of swimming off again. Usually the first the diver even hears about the swimming elephant or the school of tuna they missed is from his or her excited buddy during debriefing over drinks.

This is my love hate relationship with the world of the macro. This time however the stingray rested quietly as I crept up, inching closer and closer, belly dragging through the sand.

That watchful eye never left me as we both wondered how close we could push it. Finally I dared not get any closer and captured that beautiful stingray gaze watching, wondering and waiting.

With that I crept back again creating space between us before rising and swimming away leaving nothing but belly scrapes in the sand and an undisturbed repose.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Watching Waiting Wondering’ 1/160s f/22 ISO400 100mm

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