Easter Leafy

With the festive break over it’s back to non-photographic endeavors but at least I got to dive with this guy today to cap it off on a wonderful note.

I usually see at least one Leafy Seadragon when I dive at Rapid Bay however for a while it looked like we might miss out today.

We had traversed the outer T-section following the seagrass beds looking for pipefish and seadragons. The pipefish were abundant but no seadragons were found anywhere.

Down to a fraction of our air remaining we swam to a known dragon lair and there he was, a big male still covered in a fine film of green algae left over from his last brood of eggs.

Time to start looking for little dragons!

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Easter Leafy’ 1/200s f/9 ISO640 15mm

2 thoughts on “Easter Leafy

  1. If there’s a god, these little critters prove that occasionally he gets all inspired and creates impossibly-beautiful art. You’ve done a fine job here honouring it.

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