From Small Things Great Things Come

I had spent more than five hours under that sparkling rippled surface that most Edithburgh visitors never get to see beneath. I had searched all around and out beyond the jetty, northward up to to the swimming pool and all over the sea grass beds searching in vain for a leafy seadragon. The diving was lovely but alas no dragon.

Over my years of diving leafy’s have been infrequent visitors here. A handful of dragons will take up residence for a couple of years and then disappear with years between. I guessed it was just that time again.

That night I was in for a rare treat. Not more than ten minutes into my night dive this tiny and beautiful dragon, not more than 40mm in length, came into view setting a precedence for a wonderful night dive and hopefully heralding the leafy seadragons back to Edithbugh.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘From Small Things Great Things Come ‘, 1/160s f/14 ISO320 100mm

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