Lonesome Jetty

There’s something not quite right about Whyalla’s amazing new jetty. There’s no one on it!

To be fair it’s pretty new, having been completed in the midst of COVID-19 lock down. Apparently the council is concerned about social distancing but after a dinner evening at Whyalla’s Westland Hotel I am not convinced that social distancing is the issue.

So what’s really going on? There are no ladders, and no safe way to assist anyone who might fall into the water!

Local community members are concerned and on raising the issue have been told by the Whyalla City Council that a safety ladder would encourage bad behaviour like jetty jumping! That’s like saying we wont install airbags in cars because it might encourage reckless driving.

I’ll speculate that someone just forgot and is now red faced making excuses while it remains closed until the safety issues have been resolved one way or another.

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