Our Best Jetty

Perhaps it’s unfair on the rest of the jetties that dot our coastline but I’d say that Rapid Bay is one of the best jetty dives for scuba divers in South Australia and probably in all Australia.

If you are into small critters, they are everywhere for divers to observe and photograph. If you are into larger pelagics then schools of whiting, salmon and kingfish coursing through the outermost forrest of deep pylons will take your breath away (hazardous for most divers).

From time to time the really big guys will come through just for a look. Regularly seen by the fisher’s on the jetty, rarely by divers (better that way).

I’d be remiss of course if I did not mention that Rapid Bay is home to leafy seadragons and a significant attraction. That being said even If you don’t find one, the incredible diversity of life here never disappoints.

Andy and I dived here yesterday and as expected we were not disappointed!

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