Muck Dragon

There’s an expression regarding some people; ‘you can’t take them anywhere’. Well it does not apply to my dive buddy Andy who will happily dive with me in the most atrocious of conditions, and I do mean happily!

The other weekend we headed down to one of my favorite dragon lairs near Victor Harbor. The conditions looked fine as we arrived and even up to the moment we entered the water. Then it all changed.

Visibility started at around 2m which would have been fine but as we headed along the sand-line the visibility all but left us.

Pretty soon we had less than 40cm of visibility with the water full of smashed algae and all manner of benthic muck stirred up from recent swells. I do not usually get seasick but the combination of surge and colloidal muck surging back and forth a few centimeters from our faces made it a very close thing.

… and then we found our first dragon! 🙂

Despite the conditions we found four leafy seadragons this dive and none seemed too fussed, happily moving back and forth with the surge.

I was convinced my images were going to mired in backsctter and be a complete waste of time. I even left the camera in its housing all week before cracking it open and uploading my images.

They were all pretty bad but I decided in the end to show at least one of diving in the muck with a dragon.

Photo: Robert Rath, ‘Muck Dragon’, 1/100s f/11 ISO800 15mm

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