Whyalla Cuttles

Last weekend we made a trip to Whyalla on South Australia’s Spencer Gulf to frolic in the wintry ocean with our Giant Cuttlefish for their seasonal breeding congregation.

This year I was delighted with the numbers, as hundred and hundreds of mating crazed cuttlefish could be found along the shallow coastline west from Port Lowley.

As I have written before, this place is a rare treat for non-divers too with just snorkelling gear needed to completely experience the spectacle. There were in fact some places so shallow you could have stood with a pair of waders and a glass bottomed bucket and still got a good sense of the cuttlefish carry-on.

We got to share this experience with a couple of our dearest friends as well as hopefully making new ones, both human and cephalapod!

The Whyalla cuttlefish yet again remind me why I love South Australian diving.

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